Shree MaiMandir,Nadiad

|| H. H. 1008 Shri Bhagavati Keshavbhavani Maharaj ||


Shree Maijagatgurudev Bhagavati KeshavBhavani Maharaj is conspicuous after Aadya Sansthapak in Shree Maidharma Adhyapith Sthan. As a Dharmapithadishwar P.P. Shree Maharaj shree has started very first a religious discourse of Shri mad Devi Bhagwat in public. More than Thousand and Sixty (1060+)  religious discourse of Shri mad Devi Bhagavat are addressed in the world.

For the benefit of the religious and social welfare and activities for human services Maharaj Shri is moving around the world and recited Shri mad Devi Bhagawat. Putting lights on the body with dancing he has shown “Nrutya Aarti Darshan”.

There is a creation of great and glorious temples of Shree Kalyandham, Shree Mai Mokshdham and Shree KeshavBhavani Bhagavatdham, with the great public support. In all those temples, he himself has made a Civil planning as an inspiration from almighty is caused for such a beautiful temples. H.H. Maharaj shree has established several Trusts for different social services with religious activities.

Helping needy people respectfully and confidently, is his principal.