Shree MaiMandir,Nadiad

|| Shri Kanistha Keshav Maharaj ||

There is a “Guru Mandir” opposite, Shree Mai’s main temple in which there  is a idol of Shree Aadhyamai JagatGurudev  P.P. 1008 Shree Kanistha Keshav Maharaj. He is the pioneer and founder of this religious place. Under this Guru-Mandir ‘Upasana Gruh’ is there.

Above more than 40 crores written Charms Shree Mantra Mai Maa and Keshav Bhavani Maa is blessing from here. According to tradition of Dharmapith, on four different Navratri, establishment of “Ma Nav-Durga”, Akhand deep, and Garba are been done at this place.

Festival is celebrated on Magshar-vad 2 as Manifest Day.