Shree MaiMandir,Nadiad

|| Donation ||

Everybody wants to do something for society, religion but they might not do because of time. Those people who want to help religion or society can come to us. Shree Maidharma Adhyapith Sthan is doing so many religious and social activities as well. To do so our organization requires your help. Whenever we receive the donation as help from you we'll send original receipt to you as a confirmation. We have faith in you that you will always help us so that we can help others.

Shree Maidharma Aadyapith Sthan: For help to Shree Mai's Seva pooja and Navratri festivals and with different pooja Mahotsav are celebrated. Without discrimination of cast, grains, food is  distributed to needy person. Seva pooja is made every day for 51 different appearance in shree Mai Mokshdham. You may send Cheque, D.D., M.O., in favor of    Shree Maidharma Aadyapith Sthan.

Shree Keshav Bhavani Jan Seva Trust: ( 80G Certified Tax Free ): To help our society ,this trust is active with ambulance car for         mankind services, medical services, medical camp and monetary help for student for studies. Grain also distributed. The government has also given  income-tax exemption 80-G certificate. Pilgrimages are provided free accommodation for stay and food. For this type of help ,You can send Cheque, D.D., M.O., in favor of  Shree Keshav Bhavani Jan Seva Trust.

Shree Shakti Sahitya Mandir :  For religious propaganda monthly magazine "SHAKTI" is circulated at every full moon day. Different religious books are also published. To get this book or to pay for 'Shakti' ,You can send Cheque, D.D., M.O., in favor of Shree Shakti Sahitya Mandir.