Shree MaiMandir,Nadiad

|| Shri Mai Mokshdham ||


Shri Mai Mokshdham” is the main temple of Shri Mai and widely known as Shri Mai Mandir.

It is 135ft. of height in which there is a darshan of different type of 51 idols and 18 coats. The stanzas of Shri Chandipath is text graphed on marble and been placed on the surrounding inner walls of temple.

There are 108 spire pots.

Param Pujya late Shri Kanistha Keshav Maharaj Shree has established three Yantra Puja of Mai Ambica, Shree Bala & Shree Maha Kali as Shree Trigunatmika Succession by heredity.

In front of Shree Trigunatmika,  Maha Shree Yantra increasing the glory of the temple.

Every year Patotsav is celebrated on Asho Purnima.(full-moon)