Shree MaiMandir,Nadiad

|| Shri Kalyandham ||

Shri Kalyandham is a Shivalay - where the lord Shiva resides. This temple is one of the most auspicious and beautiful temple of Lord Shiva in the world with Dwadash (12) Jyotirlinga. Shri Kalyandham is visible with the height of 75' Ft in sitting posture. It is widely known for its huge and beautiful look.

Dwadash (12) Jyotirlings are placed in stomach of Lord Shiva, which is unique in his way. Beside this there is a temple of Nav-Grah. Every year Patotsav is celebrated on " Maha Shivaratri ".

Because of heavy rain and earth-quake the idol was damaged and needed reconstruction and maintenance. P.P. Guruji did many recitation of Shrimad Devi Bhagavat katha to collect money and get work done. Devotees of Shri Mai and Lord Shiva helped him alot and finally construction is been done successfully. We Thank all of them who help us.